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Things Only Vancouver Dog Owners Understand

Things Only Vancouver Dog Owners Understand

things only Vancouver dog owners understand

Things only Vancouver dog owners understand

You recognize dogs you follow on Instagram when you see them Downtown. You know the names of every dog you see in the elevator of your building on your way to work and you can’t walk past a dog tied up outside a shop without giving its head a scratch. 

Sound familiar? Of course it does! 

That’s because there’s just some things that only dog lovers can understand and we’ve compiled a list of things only Vancouver dog owners understand.

So Vancouver dog owners enjoy, because this one is especially for you! 

1. Feeding your dog better than you feed yourself.

Oh, and if we do treat ourselves to a nice meal at a restaurant, when we ask for a ‘doggy bag’ we mean it literally. We’ll carry it in our bags the whole way home on the SkyTrain knowing we won’t see any of those leftovers again after our pup gets a sniff. But still, we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

2. Being outside in the rain for hours just so your dog can pee

But of course, he just stands there shivering, looking up at you, like “What the heck are we doing here?” So, you go inside, drenched, and he pees in the hallway, obvs.

3. Have a selection of 100 different rain jackets and booties for your dog

Even though it makes no difference as he just pees in the hallway when it’s raining anyway – but, at least he’ll look super cute for our many trips outside before we admit defeat.

4. Swiping right because you want to meet the dog more than you want to meet the person

This one’s for the single ladies (and men)! We’ve all been there and you’re probably lying if you say you haven’t at least thought about it! Of course, it’s pretty unlikely they’ll bring that adorable little furball in their profile picture on your first date, but if there’s even a slight chance you’ll get to meet them it’s worth a try.

Suggesting Queen Elizabeth Dog Park for the date isn’t too obvious, is it?

5. Trying to sneak your dog everywhere with you

They won’t see her if she’s in my purse, right?

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have dogs in their shop? It would brighten anyone’s day who saw her! And you only have to quickly pop in because you know exactly what you’re getting… Will they even notice? 

Probably, yes. Does it stop Vancouverites trying it anyway? Probably not.

6. Saving up so your dog can get a haircut before you.

It’s standard. Every two months, you’ll drive as far as an hour and a half outside of the city to get your pooch a haircut that costs double the amount of your own, and not feel the slightest bit guilty.

Would you even consider spending that amount on your own hair? Not a chance!  But this is your baby and it’s important they look picture perfect at all times. 

7. Speaking of babies, you opted for having a dog instead of a child because it was a WAY cheaper option

But you soon realized that you probably spend almost as much on your dog any way because you love them so much. (oops!)

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Another $70 doggy rain jacket in a slightly different shade of blue? Take my money!

8. You post photos of your dog on social media just as often as your friends with kids share photos of their children

Again, we can’t reiterate this enough – they are our babies! And of course we know which Instagram filters make them look the best, we’ve been taking pictures of them since the day they were born! #puppylove #dogmom

9. Your parents have accepted that they won’t be grandparents anytime soon, and make do with pictures of their ‘granddog’ on the fridge instead

They love it really… Especially your mom who proudly shows her friends all the pictures she’s taken from the weekends she’s looked after him. Oh, and she also has a “I Love My Granddog” bumper sticker on her CRV that your dog got her last Christmas.

10. Your weekend plans are separated into ‘Things I Can Do with My Dog, and ‘Things I Can’t Do with My Dog’

You’ve been at work all week and you can’t bear the thought of leaving your dog at the weekend. They are just so cute and so happy to be have you home. So pretty much everything in the ‘Things I Can’t Do with My Dog’ category gets thrown out the window every time. 

11. Hiking up Quarry Rock just for the dog selfies

Even if you hate hiking, there’s nothing cuter than a picture of a dog who hikes. They love getting mucky and going on an adventure, and all your Insta followers love the pictures of your pup at the top of Quarry Rock – it’s adorable! So you reluctantly do it… over and over again.

12. They aren’t just your child, they’re also your best friend, your significant other and everything else

Because, let’s be honest. You’d rather stay at home and watch Netflix and chill with them than hang out with the majority of people living in the city.

It’s a special kind of love and we wouldn’t change it for the world! We hope you enjoyed this list of things only Vancouver dog owners understand and we would love to hear how many of these things you can relate to!

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