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Train Your Puppy or Hire an Expert?

Train Your Puppy or Hire an Expert?

Train Your Puppy Yourself or Hire an Expert?

Train Your Puppy or Hire an Expert?

You know for certain that your newly adopted pup will turn out to be a good and obedient companion. After all, you’ve spent countless hours beforehand reading books and watching videos on how to train a pooch. You’re oozing with confidence right now – if some people succeeded in training their puppies themselves, there’s no reason you can’t. You’ve been observing your puppy for long enough to know their quirks and how they’d react in particular situations.

However, despite all your best efforts, there’ve been times when you were just utterly clueless about what to do next with them. Your pup is slowly but surely developing bad habits between the two of you – which can be a problem down the line. At this point,  are you torn between whether to train your puppy or hire an expert?  Well, before you decide based on your gut instinct alone, here are some things to consider:

Limitations – You must assess your skills as a dog trainer to gauge whether you should train your puppy yourself or not. Are you familiar with the methods of dog training? Can you commit time to training sessions daily? Do you have the patience to handle a potentially rambunctious pup? As much as we would all love to have well-behaved dogs, sometimes our lack of skills will hinder their progress. Training takes time and effort – two things that some might not have. It might be best to hire an expert if you’re struggling to keep up with the training.

Cost – The cost of hiring a professional dog trainer range from $60-$200 per hour, while the price of doggy obedience classes can start from around $120 for a 4-week course. On the other hand, the only cost of training your puppy yourself is time and patience. If you’re on a budget, this might be the way to go. But if you feel like your pup isn’t progressing as much as you’d like, or if they seem to be developing bad habits instead of good ones, then it’s best to consult a professional dog trainer.

Purpose/Objectives – You should also think about your pup’s training goals. What do you hope to achieve by the end of the training? If you want your pup to be able to follow simple commands such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘come,’ then training your puppy yourself might be enough. However, it’s best to hire an expert if you’re hoping to achieve more advanced skills, i.e., tricks, off-leash training, and proper leash walking. Dog training comes on different levels, and it’s within your prerogative to decide how far you want to take your pup’s skills.

Why Train Your Pup in the First Place?

Before you start training your puppy or shelling out money for a professional dog trainer, take some time to reflect and ask yourself why you’re doing this in the first place. Are you training your pup because you want them to be well-behaved? Do you want them to be able to follow commands? Or do you want to bond with them and have some fun?

The answer to this question helps you determine whether training your puppy yourself or hiring an expert is the better option.
Training your puppy yourself should be enough if you’re just doing it for fun or to bond with your pup. In fact, it wouldn’t make sense to hire someone else if the goal is to establish a strong relationship with your dog.

I’ve Decided to Hire an Expert. Now What?

So, you’ve decided the investment in a professional dog trainer is worth it. What’s next?

• First, do your research to ensure that the dog trainer or obedience school you’re considering has a good reputation and is qualified for the job.
• You’ll want to find someone who uses positive reinforcement training methods rather than harsh punishment-based techniques when dealing with dogs.
• Meet with different trainers and walk away from those who make you uncomfortable or give you a bad vibe.
• Be prepared to commit the time and effort required for your puppy’s training program, even if it isn’t you who’s doing the training.

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Guaranteed Results

The best thing about hiring an expert for dog training is the guaranteed results. When training your puppy yourself, there’s always the possibility that you might not be able to achieve the desired outcome, no matter how hard you try. On the other hand, a professional dog trainer will work with you to achieve your goals and see them through.

It’s not like a DIY approach won’t work, but if you want to be sure that your pup will be better behaved after the training, it’s best to leave it to the pro.

Note: It’s crucial for training to start early. The younger your puppy is, the easier it is to learn new things and adjust their behaviour. There are dog training programs meant for old dogs, but there’s a reason why they charge more.
If you want to see your pup develop a great personality and strong skills early on, it’s best to start training them right away.


Still wondering whether you should train your puppy or hire an expert? Hiring an expert to train your puppy is the way to go, considering all the discussed factors. It’s more expensive than training your pup yourself, but it creates the ideal foundation from which your dog will learn and grow. Remember that training is not a one-time affair, and it requires ongoing reinforcement to ensure that your pup continues to develop positive habits. So, even if you hired someone for puppy training, it’s your job to continue reinforcing the lessons at home.

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