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10 spots in Vancouver for a perfect cherry blossom pup picture

10 spots in Vancouver for a perfect cherry blossom pup picture

10 spots in Vancouver for a perfect cherry blossom pup picture.

10 spots in Vancouver for a perfect cherry blossom pup picture

With only a few weeks in bloom and no time to waste, here are 10 great places to snap that perfect cherry blossom shot.

Nothing signifies Spring in Vancouver quite like the pink and white blossoms blooming, and with over 40,000 cherry trees located around the city, there’s plenty of great spots close to home to appreciate their beauty.

With only a few short weeks with the blossoms in full bloom, if you want that perfect photo of your pup surrounded in the beautiful pink and white flowers to treasure until next year, we can help.

With more than 2000 locations to choose from, we’ve helped narrow it down to 10 of the very best spots in Vancouver to get that perfect cherry blossom shot.

1. Queen Elizabeth Park

Of course this is top of the list as the iconic cherry blossom canopy in Queen Elizabeth Park never disappoints. The park boosts a variety of species of trees, and you’ll find the highest concentration of cherry blossoms at the south entrance on 37th, or at the west entrance off 33rd Avenue.

At the west entrance you’ll find one outstanding Somei-yoshino, and many Akebono trees that make a stunning backdrop for a photo!

2. Kitsilano Beach

Kits Beach is a great spot for getting that all important cherry blossom pup-picture, and north of the tennis courts on Arbutus is a perfect place to start.

Expect to be spoiled strolling down the various Kitsilano streets. Especially along West 5th and 6th, Cypress Street, Yew Street and Kitsilano Beach Park at Cornwall and Yew, you’ll be guarantee a stunning shot.

3. David Lam Park

Home to 100 Akebono cherry blossom trees, planted in 2010 to commemorate the Olympics, this Yaletown park is the ideal place for a cute photo of your dog surrounded by this season’s ‘pink snow.’ The grassy expanse of David Lam Park is a refreshing green space with beautiful views of False Creek that both you and your pup will love, but as it’s lined with cherry blossoms, it truly never looks more picturesque than in Spring.

4. Stanley Park

Stanley Park never disappoints, and that also goes for Cherry Blossom season! Clusters of blooming trees can be found at several locations in Stanley Park! Opposite Devonian Dog Park at the entrance of the park, near the Rose Garden, as well as around the eastern edge of Lost Lagoon. Gorgeous Shirotae cherry trees also line the path from the bus loop to the Japanese Memorial, forming a pink flowery arch overhead.

5. Vancouver City Hall

The grounds of Vancouver City Hall are home to several varieties of cherry trees, and make for a very interesting, and grand, take on the classic cherry blossom shots. The Accolade cultivars on the north side are the most spectacular, so be sure to check those out!

6. Graveley Street

A more classic cherry blossom shot can be found on in the Renfrew neighbourhood, with long stretches of trees arching over the streets there. The large cherry trees on Graveley Street between Lillooet and Windermere attract lots of blossom viewers, so if you live nearby and are taking your pup for a walk, there’s a perfect photo op to take advantage of!

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7. Granville Island

If you’re taking your pup for a visit to Granville Island, be sure to make a stop along the eastern edge of the Granville Island seawall at False Creek as you’ll find a beautiful cluster of cherry blossom trees. This area is home to 18 ‘Kanzan’ trees, both old and new, and are well worth a quick pit stop for a photo opportunity!

8. Granville Plaza, Downtown

Next time you’re Downtown, take a stroll to the bottom of Granville Street and West Cordova for a beautiful cluster of pink blossoms. The public plaza outside the West building entrance to Waterfront Station above the parkade is home to a small group of cherry blossom trees, with beautiful views of Coal Harbour as an added bonus.

9. Kensington Place at Nicola Street

Get this one right, and this spot will make for a very unique, and very impressive photo indeed. On the shore of English Bay, two stunning ‘Shirofugen’ cherry blossoms frame the entrance of Vancouver’s iconic beachfront Heritage building, Kensington Place.

Mix some history with nature’s beauty and you can’t go wrong!

10. Sunset Beach Seawall

Next time you take your pup for a visit to Sunset Beach off-leash park, make a stop at Sunset Beach seawall, south of Jervis, to appreciate the stunning natural beauty. The area is home to two old Shirofugen trees, and three news trees planted in 2011, and with the beach as a backdrop on a sunny day, you are guaranteed a beautiful shot of your dog that you can treasure for another year! We hope you enjoyed this list of 10 spots in Vancouver for a perfect cherry blossom pup picture.

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