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Things Only Dog People Will Understand

Things Only Dog People Will Understand

Things only dog people will understand.

Things Only Dog People Will Understand

To people without dogs, us pet owners might seem a little, well, strange!

That’s because there are just some things that only dog lovers can understand and we’ve compiled a list of eight things that every (slightly crazy) dog owner can relate to.

So dog owners, enjoy because this one is especially for you!

1. Your Dog Eats Better Than You

Does your dog eat locally sourced, organic food? If so, I bet they eat better than you do! Eating well has only become more expensive but it’s worth it for our pups! Even if we don’t seem to value our own health as much!

2. Have a selection of 100 different rain jackets and booties for your dog

Canadian weather can be harsh and so its important that your pup has a selection of attire they can wear when it gets rainy or the temperature drops below freezing. It can be easy to spoil your loved one with different types of jackets and booties.

3. Swiping right because you want to meet the dog more than you want to meet the person.

This one’s for single people! We’ve all been there and you’re probably lying if you say you haven’t at least thought about it! Of course, it’s pretty unlikely they’ll bring that adorable little furball in their profile picture on your first date, but if there’s even a slight chance you’ll get to meet them it’s worth a try. And at least you will get to see more pictures!

4. Trying to sneak your dog everywhere with you.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have dogs in their shop? And you only have to quickly pop in because you know exactly what you’re getting… Will they even notice?

5. Saving up so your dog can get a haircut before you.

It’s standard. Every two months, you’ll drive as far as an hour and a half outside of the city to get your pooch a haircut that costs double the amount of your own, and not feel the slightest bit guilty.

Would you even consider spending that amount on your own hair? Not a chance! But this is your baby and it’s important they look picture perfect at all times.

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6. You opted to have a dog instead of a child

More and more people are opting to have furry babies instead of human babies and who can blame them? While dog ownership is the easier of the two (not by much), many people are choosing to expand their families through dogs instead of children. Puppies love you unconditionally and perhaps best of all don’t talk back to you!

7. Your social media accounts are full of dog photos!

Again, we can’t reiterate this enough – they are our babies! A non-dog person might be embarrassed but we have no shame in being proud of our furry companions! And of course we know which Instagram filters make them look the best since we’ve been taking pictures of them since the day they were born!

8. Your weekend plans are all things dogs

You’ve been at work all week and you can’t bear the thought of leaving your dog at the weekend. They are just so cute and so happy to have you home. So pretty much everything in the ‘Things I Can’t Do with My Dog’ category gets thrown out the window every time.

We hope you enjoyed this light hearted article and we bet you could relate to at least one of these things only dog people will understand.

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