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Dog-friendly restaurants in Toronto that will blow your mind

Dog-friendly restaurants in Toronto that will blow your mind

Dog-friendly restaurants in Toronto that will blow your mind

Toronto is home to close to 3 million people and with that many people, you can only imagine how many dogs there are! According to city stats, there are approximately 230,000 dogs living within the city.

Luckily for all these dog owners, some Toronto restaurants invite people and their pets to enjoy their services. Toronto bylaws allow for pets in outdoor eating spaces such as patios as long as food is not being prepared in that area.

Dogs are also permitted inside eating establishments if the food being served is considered low-risk or prepackaged. This means that dogs are not allowed in indoor spaces where food manufacturing or preparing is taking place

Pennies Bar

Located at 127 Strachan Avenue, Pennies Bar is famous for its delicious sliders, cheap drinks and their pet-friendly patio. Their unique menu includes dishes such as Korean fried chicken, baja fish tacos, tater tots and a wide variety of sliders. And, you can even order a doggy treat shaped as a slider for only $5! Stop by for happy hour from 4-6 p.m. and enjoy some great food and drinks on the patio alongside your pooch!

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Located at 85 Hanna Avenue in Liberty Village, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen prides itself in using locally sourced ingredients to prepare delicious dishes.

As a popular brunch spot, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen offers a variety of options including their popular dish: Mrs. Bieferhof’s Wild Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes. This restaurant is also very pet-friendly as it offers a greenspace for them to lounge as you enjoy your meal. Pooches can also get free water and treats if requested.

LOCAL Public Eatery

Located at 171 E Liberty Street, LOCAL Public Eatery is a chain of restaurants that exist in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

LOCAL offers a wide range of foods including shrimp dumplings, hand-made roti, salads, burgers and more! As for our furry friends, LOCAL invites them to participate in the fun on their pet-friendly patios.

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Lobster Burger Bar

Located at 214 King Street West, Lobster Burger Bar is one of the most well-known pet friendly spots in Toronto. This is thanks to their dedicated dog menu which includes the Puppy Gang Beef meal and the Turkey Meal.

Talk about bringing your dog-friendly restaurant to the next level! They also provide doggy beds and toys for pooches to help them enjoy the patio.

Khau Gully

Located at 1991 Yonge Street, Khau Gully is an authentic Indian restaurant serving curries, masala, butter chicken, samosas and more. Recently, Khau Gully received recognition on social media for their pup-friendly patio.

Now that the sun is shining, they are welcoming everyone including our furry friends.

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