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7 facts about pets that will blow your mind

7 facts about pets that will blow your mind

We all know the countless benefits that pets have such as keeping us fit, giving us a sense of responsibility, making sure we’re not lonely, lowering our stress levels and more. The list goes on and on! But there are a lot of things that people and even some pet owners might not know, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 7 facts about pets that will blow your mind.

Dogs do sweat, but not like humans do!

Dog sweat occurs mainly through their paw pads/feet. These sweat glands allow dogs to perspire which helps regulate their body temperatures, as well as keeps their feet from becoming too dry. Similarly to humans, dogs will also experience stress sweat if they’re feeling anxious or nervous!

This also occurs through their paw pads. In addition to regulating body heat, paw pads also protect against the cold. The fatty tissues in paw pads protect dogs from the cold when they’re outside. These tissues keep their feet warm because they’re different than other tissues on the dog body.

Fun facts about pets just keep on, as for example…

Cats have whiskers on their forelegs!

These whiskers on the back of their front legs receive the name of carpal vibrissae and they have an important purpose. All whiskers are thick hairs that grow inside sensory cells and the purpose of them is to help cats detect movements, which is why you can find them on their forelegs.

Whiskers can detect the smallest movements including air currents which help cats when it comes to tasks such as hunting or navigating. These cute little leg whiskers are especially important for outdoor cats who need to find their own food. Carpal whiskers assure a cat that their prey is actually dead because it helps them detect tiny movements.

Dogs are smarter than we may realize!

According to years of research into dog behavior, the average intelligence of a canine is similar – if not the same – as two-and-a-half-year-old humans. Simply put, this means dogs are scientifically proven to have social and emotional sensitivities and smarts. This is another fact about pets that blows minds!

If you’re ever wondering why it appears your dog has read your cues, shown an emotional attachment or displayed feelings of jealousy, it’s because your dog’s brain is actually capable of these things! This might not be a crazy fact for some dog owners, but many people do underestimate just how smart their pooches really are.

As time goes on, dogs abilities continuously evolve and this is thanks to their wolf ancestors who adapted quickly to living amongst humans.

Horses sleep standing up and only for a few hours out of the day!

Horses are beautiful yet strange creatures and when it comes to their sleeping habits, they sure do shock people. They have different sleeping patterns than dogs, cats and humans and these behaviours stem from their natural instincts in the wild. How funny are horses?

Due to the constant need to protect themselves against threats, horses mostly sleep standing up. This also benefits their bodies which are large and prone to restricted blood flow if they are laying down for too long. Despite this, they do still experience some REM sleep which allows them to lay down, but this is very minimal.

And if you’re curious about how much sleep these big beauties need, it’s only an average of three hours per day and for only a few minutes at a time!

Snakes eat large prey, but not how you would think

It’s a well-known fact that snakes naturally eat large prey but many think this occurs because of them dislocating their jaws. In reality, the ligaments, muscles and bones in their skull work together to open wide, allowing them to eat things way larger than themselves.

Many people think snakes’ jaws are attached to their skulls. This is not true: they are only attached to ligaments which is why their jaws allow them to stretch so big. Once a snake has its jaw around its food, it must push it down its digestive tract. If the prey is larger, this is done by using the head bones and jaw to move the food along.

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Snakes usually eat worms, mice and rats – on rare occasions they will eat cows, deer, alligators and even humans! Although I don’t think you have anything to worry about if you have a snake at home. Keep reading more fun facts about pets.

Dogs cannot experiencing guilt, although they can sense when they misbehave

When you come home and your dog has done something bad, his body language might appear guilty but it’s likely that he’s just displaying fear and/or stress instead. It’s common for humans, specifically dog owners, to associate human characteristics with the behavior of a dog.

This phenomenon receives the name of anthropomorphism and believing your dog feels guilty is a classic case of this. If you scold your dog after doing something, they may appear guilty but simply put, this reaction is just a response to your cues. Signs of this include your dog avoiding eye contact, tucking its tail, hunching over and flattened ears.

This isn’t to say that dogs can’t understand right from wrong because if we take the time to teach them, they can understand the differences between appropriate and inappropriate behaviours.

On average, a cat can jump up to five to six times its height

Cats are curious creatures and when it comes to fitting through small spaces and crawling to strange spots, they definitely do not disappoint! Its normal for a cat to jump between four and five feet with some exceptions.

Researchers have recorded times when a cat has jumped upwards of seven times its height, which has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Cats can jump long lengths thanks to their back legs, strong muscles and of course, their tails! Tails provide essential balance to help cats land properly on their feet.

How funny are these facts about pets for you? Just let us know down in the comments!

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