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Best places for dogs to swim

Best places for dogs to swim

best places for dogs to swim in Canada

Best places for dogs to swim

If we were to choose two things we like the most about Canada, it must be the cool beachfront parks and the country’s love affair with dogs. Incidentally, these two are like peanut butter and jelly – they just go so well together. In this article we will dive into the best places for dogs to swim, specifically in Canada.

Whether you’re visiting the Great White North with your furry buddy or you already live here, one thing you shouldn’t miss out on is these incredible places for you and your dog to go swimming.

1 – Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver)

The soft sand and incredible North Shore view may be the main attractions, but did you know the beach is the perfect place for some doggie swimming? The Hadden Park Dog Beach is just around the corner, and it comes complete with an off-leash policy so Fido can run and swim as free as he wants.

2 – Wascana Centre Park (Regina)

Wascana Centre is a massive urban park that houses many different attractions, but one of the best things to do here is take your dog for a swim at the lake. The best part? There’s even a special fenced-in beach area for dogs and their owners. Management wants all dogs to be on a leash at all times to prevent any untoward incidents from happening. We all agree that some people just don’t feel comfortable when they see canines roaming without a leash in public areas.

3 – Crescent Beach (Surrey)

Crescent Beach is the perfect place to take your swimming pup for a dip because it has a lovely off-leash dog area where your furry friend can run and play without bothering other beachgoers. It also doesn’t hurt that the beach is home to a few landmarks, i.e., the Blackie Spit Park, Alexandra Neighbourhood House, and the Wickson Pier. It’s one of the few beaches in Canada where you get to enjoy legitimate peace and tranquillity since there aren’t many people. Hence, it’s the perfect place for you and your dog to swim unbothered, even for the entire day.

4 – Woodbine Beach (Toronto)

The lovely beach is paired with ample green space for you and your four-legged buddy to run around. You can even enjoy the summer here with the boardwalk and the popular sandy beach. When you tire of all the activity, you and your pet can take a break from it by taking a trip to one of the nearby eateries or heading to the off-leash park before hitting the beach again.

5 – Banff National Park (Alberta)

Although the trails are the park’s main attraction, you can’t go wrong with the water activities here. Aside from swimming, your dog will surely love the chance to play fetch by the water. If you and your furry friend are feeling more adventurous, a few canoes and kayak rentals are also available in the park. A big plus when visiting Banff is the abundance of pet-friendly restaurants, which means you get to dine and rest while your dog gets his fill.

6 – Cherry Beach (Toronto)

This lakeside beach park is best known for its family-oriented and off-leash dog policies. There’s an abundance of places to go on a picnic with your pup and the rest of the family. The place has a ton of grassy areas for your pup to play around in and a long and lovely beachfront where you can all enjoy the sun, sand, and waves. While swimming is not allowed in some sections of the beach, there are other parts where dogs are more than welcome to get a taste of the water.

7 – Mackenzie Beach (Tofino)

This beautiful beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in British Columbia. The place is especially famous for its long stretches of white sand and rugged shoreline – perfect for a romantic stroll or a vigorous hike. Your dog will also blast swimming in the waves and chasing after sticks. The calm waters mean that it’s also a good place for young pups who are still getting used to swimming.

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8 – Bowen Bay Beach (Bowen Island)

This park is well-loved by locals and tourists because of its stunning natural beauty. The place boasts wilderness, mountains, and hiking trails for families and dogs. But the best part is the combination of a sandy shore and shallow water, which means it’s perfect for swimming for both kids and canines. What separates this place from the rest of this list is its abundance of wildlife, from seagulls and seals to sea stars and fish.

9 – Long Point Provincial Park (Ontario)

The swimming area of this park is in Lake Erie, where the water is a little bit warmer than usual. The place is also famous for its sandbar, perfect for a stroll or a game of fetch with your furry friend. And like any good beach park, there are plenty of places to go picnicking and a few shops and cafes. You’ll also love the migratory bird spectacle in the park, where over 300 species migrate every year.

10 – West Lake Dog Beach (Prince George)

This dog-friendly beach is located in a stunning provincial park. The place is perfect for swimming, with its shallow and calm water. It’s also a good place for a game of fetch since the sand is soft and there’s plenty of space to run around. You can even go on a hike with your furry friend since there are trails in the park or simply get a tan by the water and enjoy the scenery. How about a tent on the beach if you want to stay overnight?

Enjoying the beach with your furry buddy in tow is twice the fun, and these places will make the experience even better as the best places for dogs to swim in Canada. Start planning your next beach trip and make some memories meant to last a lifetime.

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