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Uncommon pets that will make your life better

Uncommon pets that will make your life better

Uncommon pets that will make your life better

Having pets is a joyful and adventurous experience. While the most common pets are cats and dogs, some people own more unique creatures. Uncommon pets sometimes are exotic pets; but not all exotic animals should be brought home as pets.

Different countries, states and provinces have different mandates when it comes to animals and pets. So be sure to research what pets are a good fit where you live.

Unique and uncommon pets are exciting and can make life more enjoyable.

While cats and dogs do the same, uncommon pets attract more attention. Also, they are a charmingly unique learning experience for their owners.  

Walking stick insects

Walking stick bugs are also known as Carausius morosus and they make the perfect uncommon pet!

These little critters are typically used in teaching atmospheres. But they are also good pets because they are not high maintenance because:

You can leave them alone for days without care
They don’t have an odour
You can feed them with lettuce
They can’t infest your home if they escape
You can handle them easily overall
They live for typically one year

Stick bugs can be kept in glass or plastic tanks with proper ventilation and sometimes netting, depending on the tank. The downside to these little pets is that they are hard to find in stores and are not legally allowed in some countries.

These pets can provide your family unique teaching experiences and can give you a different perspective on owning insects as pets. 


Hedgehogs are another uncommon pet and while they may be spikey because of their quills, they are gentle and loving animals.

Overall, these pets are low maintenance and serve as a great option for people with allergies, however they do have to be held lots by their owners in order to get them adjusted to human touch.

And, if you’re a night owl, this pet might be an amazing fit for you because hedgehogs are nocturnal – this means they mostly sleep during the day and are awake most of the night.

It’s no secret that their covered in quills so this is something to be aware of but once your hedgehog gets settled, it will start to recognize you and will let its guard down.

The best species for a pet is the African pygmy hedgehog because they are the smallest, their temper is perfect for being a pet and you can find them in different colours. 


While it might seem rare, some reptiles are commonly owned as pets. Snakes are one of those – with many breeds able to become domesticated.

Despite the stereotypes that snakes are terrifying and lethal, in fact some out there that are loving companions. Snakes obviously don’t require daily walks but they do require different types of care.

Some good breeds for owning include Ball Pythons, King Snakes and Corn Snakes. Owning a snake requires equipment such as aquariums with specific habitats including proper lighting, temperatures and bedding.

Something to be aware of however is what you have to feed your pet snake – this might be difficult for some people as they eat rodents, amphibians and insects.

Overall, snakes are great pet options for the right people and are often misunderstood in society – by owning one you’re challenging the social norms!  

Sugar gliders

Sugar gliders are tiny, adorable and very unique creatures and many people think they look like squirrels with wings, however these ‘wings’ are skin structures that attach at the front and back of their limbs which help them glide between trees.

As pets, sugar gliders are very high maintenance because they require hours of handling, space and exercise, and they have strict diets. So, it’s important for people to know that these animals are not the best choice for first-time pet owners.

If you have the time and experience, sugar gliders which should be kept in pairs make amazing pets! They are very social animals and they are excellent for those who can take the time to learn about their unique lifestyles and needs.

On the other hand, they are susceptible to stress because they can easily become depressed if they are housed alone or if they are woken up during the daytime.

Another thing to be aware of is they are very prone to infections and malnutrition if not cared for properly so be sure to research extensively and find a local veterinarian that will accept them. 


Chinchillas are a beautiful and furry rodents that can easily become tame and loving if properly cared for at a young age.

While they don’t enjoy being held like other common animals, they do still show affection for their owners in different ways. They are good pets on their own or in pairs with the same-sex.

Because they are mostly nocturnal, these pets are good for those who have quiet homes to accommodate them during the day. Chinchillas require lots of room in their cages because they need lots of exercise.

You must be patient with these animals because it can take some time for them to warm up to but once you’re able to achieve comfort with them, it is extremely rewarding. If you’re calm, gentle and patient, a pet chinchilla might be the perfect fit for you!

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Due to their furry coats, it is easy for them to overheat. As a responsible owner, you need to pay attention to this. So, when creating their habitats, do not let their room get warmer than 25 degrees.

They do require a very specific diet consisting of high-quality grasses, hay and pellets. Overall, chinchillas are higher maintenance than some other pets but they are worth it! 

Bearded dragons

Bearded dragons make for amazing, uncommon pets for so many reasons. They are very peaceful and calm reptiles. Their most characteristic features is their calmness, and normally as they age, they get even calmer.

They love interacting with people which isn’t usual for reptiles and this means they can be taken out of their terrariums and socialized within their owners homes.

These beautiful creatures can live up to 15 years which means you will have lots of time with them. And, they are a good option for those who live busy lifestyles as they are generally low maintenance. Proper tanks, temperatures and diets will make for a great experience with your bearded dragon.

Another bonus is, you can train them. They are amazingly intelligent. These little omnivores make life better because they offer a unique experience. You and they will learn a lot from each other, and they offer a companionship like no other to make. 

Hissing cockroaches 

For this post’s final uncommon pet, we wanted to shine a light on the hissing cockroach. They aren’t the first option for many people. But we’re here to tell you that they can be a great pet!

The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach is great for those who love insects.

They are easy to handle and docile creatures. However, they will relieve a hissing sound from their spiracles – the tubes used for breathing. They will do this when disturbed, or if males are searching for females, .

These pets require tanks with mesh lids, accompanied by certain wood shavings, ambient light and places for them to hide. They love to eat fruits and vegetables and pellet food.

These pets can improve your life by helping you or your family overcome fears associated with scary looking insects. They do not move quickly unlike many other bugs and many people who own them actually believe they are cute.  

So, after checking these uncommon pets, would you like to adopt one of them?

Updated Jan 27, 2023
Originally Published Jan 15, 2022

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