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Why West Coast dogs are the best

Why West Coast dogs are the best

Why West Coast dogs are the best.

Why West Coast dogs are the best

West Coast living has so many positives and not just for humans! Dogs living here get to enjoy the laid-back and healthy lifestyles with a focus on enjoying the outdoors. In addition to mild oceanic temperatures and sunshine, there are tons of dog-friendly beaches, parks, trails, retailers, restaurants and more for you and your dog to enjoy.

If it seems like a lot of people own dogs across the West Coast, you’re not wrong! Almost 40 per cent of households in California alone have at least one dog. Looking at Oregon, that number is close to 38 per cent and as for Washington, it’s nearly 43 per cent of households. There are simply dogs everywhere making it nearly impossible to not run into one when exploring any of the West Coast states! In this lighthearted article, we’ll talk about why West Coast dogs are simply the best!

West Coast dog-friendly spots and events

California is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, world-class wines, desirable climates, Silicon Valley, the iconic Hollywood movie industry, beautiful surfing spots, Disneyland and so much more. But, looking at it as a dog owner there are tons of hot spots that you and your pooch can enjoy too! Firstly, if you own a dog in the West Coast you are likely familiar with California’s Huntington Dog Beach.

Dog events like no other

I mean what other beach hosts dog events like the So Cal Corgi Beach Day or the Surf City Surf Dog? The So Cal Corgi Beach Day sees thousands of Corgis and their owners come together for a massive celebration with vendors, competitions and beach parties. It’s a way for Corgi enthusiasts and dog lovers in general to come together for a day of fun! The annual Surf City Surf Dog is also an event you cannot miss at the Huntington Dog Beach.

In support of various animal advocacy and rescue charities, this event invites surfers to ride the waves with their dogs. Known as one of the most unique dog sporting events, the Surf City Surf Dog takes place near the end of September each year and each participant has 12 minutes to catch the best waves with their pooch while being judged. There is nothing cuter than seeing all different breeds of dogs with doggy life jackets riding the waves.

Carmel by the Sea

Carmel by the Sea is the next dog friendly destination we would like to highlight. A small beach city in California, it is known for being one of the best dog friendly locations not only in the West Coast but in all of America. Being such a high class dog destination, there are countless restaurants, retailers and activities that encourage bringing your dog. In addition to this, well trained dogs don’t need to be leashed when visiting many of the beaches and trails which are always equipped with biodegradable poop bags. Did I also mention there is a ‘yappy hour’ at the popular Dorris Day’s Cypress Inn? This destination is sure to please your pooch.

A-list dogs

Los Angeles isn’t just full of A-list celebrities, it is also home to a ton of A-list dogs who are used to getting the best of the best! When looking for pet friendly things to do here, you won’t be disappointed by the numerous dog spas waiting to pamper your pup. After that, you will find many of the local dogs enjoying the various dog parks such as the Laurel Canyon Dog Park or the Silver Lake Dog Park.

The Oregon Doggy Dash is known as the biggest walking fundraiser in the West Coast. More than 5,000 dogs and their owners visit Downtown Portland every year for this event which is hosted by the Oregon Humane Society. The goal is to raise thousands of dollars to combat animal abuse, help sheltered dogs, fund veterinary care and more.

Big Stump Beach

If you find yourself in Waldport Oregon with your pup, be sure to stop by the Big Stump Beach anytime during the year for a breathtaking view of the Ocean. Your dog is sure to love the miles of soft sandy beaches off leash! This beach is accessible from Patterson State Park and Beachside State Park but remember to always put your dog’s leash back on if going through these parks. When visiting, you will notice a large stump which is where this beach gets its name. Bring your pup here for a long walk or run and enjoy a picnic afterwards or go on a hunt for seashells. The possibilities are endless here for outdoor lovers with dogs.

The Long Beach Peninsula is located on the southern coast of Washington. Dog lovers consider this hot spot a doggy paradise with 28 miles of beach and various trails to explore. If you need to relax, stop by a dog friendly patio or unwind at a dog friendly hotel for the night.

Most popular dog breeds in the West Coast

Chihuahuas – it should be no surprise that these tiny pups made the list. They love the warm weather and they can easily follow you around on any of your daily activities. Their small size makes it easy to bring them along to places across the West Coast.

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Labrador Retrievers – a family oriented breed, they are also extremely versatile. This makes them highly popular among households in the West Coast. Whether you want an outdoor adventure buddy or the perfect dog for your family in the suburbs, the Labs are a great choice!

French Bulldogs – a popular breed among West Coast citizens living in apartments and condos. They are also a very trendy breed! And those living in the West Coast are always on point when it comes to current trends.

Beagles – these pups are so popular because they are quite low maintenance and they do well with different types of lifestyles.
Havanese – the perfect sized breed for those wanting a cuddle buddy who also has beautiful fur when groomed. They are a very needy breed which is why they do very well with owners who work from home.

Poodles – a popular breed for entering into dog shows which happen across the West Coast. They are easily adaptable and their friendly personalities make them a great addition to any home.

Golden Retrievers – known as one of the most friendly and easygoing breeds, the Golden Retrievers are very popular among West Coast households. They are so easy to train and are always up for the next adventure at a California beach or an Oregon hiking trail.

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