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Dogs Proven to Improve our Brain Power : Study

Dogs Proven to Improve our Brain Power : Study

Dogs Proven to Improve our Brain Power: Study

We all know that dogs make us better people…but now it’s a fact that pups make us way smarter!

A new study out of the University of Florida shows that owning a pet can ward off memory loss and other negative brain functions.

Research shows that the memorization of words, for one thing, has attributed to being around a loving pet.

Cranial cuddling, if you will.

Having a dog (or other pets in the house) for five years, made significant boosts in brain research. Social companionship and a real sense of responsibility played big in the study. It just amps up that us dog-lovers have that kind of furry care to count on.

The study looked at over a thousand people, many of whom were over 50 years-old, and in need of companionship. And although we don’t want to bore you with scientific details, brain boosts were associated with owning pets over five years, and were seen more in men, educated people, and minority communities.

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“These findings provide early evidence to suggest that long-term pet ownership could be protective against cognitive decline,” said the Florida study.
There are other brain benefits from having a dog, like loving companionship and a sense of purpose every day. Walks alone, have been proven to enhance dog-owners’ mental health. Feeding and brushing are also scientific ways to make us well.

So own your dog’s love – it will make you that much sharper!

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