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Breeding your dog

Breeding your dog

Breeding your dog for puppies.

Breeding your dog

Many people find companionship with their dogs extremely rewarding. So much so, that they want to breed their dog to carry on the bloodline and give other people the same feeling that they have with their dog. It can be a joy to see the lineage being carried on and young dogs running around. It may seem like a good idea to start, but there are plenty of things you need to think about.

For this article, we will suppose that you’re not a breeder who just wishes to make money off your dog. We don’t condone any type of behaviour where you use your dog for money. Some people think it’s a fast and easy way of making some cash, but that’s definitely not the case. Not if you do it right, anyways. Dog breeding isn’t profitable and can, in fact, be expensive and even heartbreaking. It requires lots of effort and research. It isn’t as simple as matching two dogs together.

But having said that, there are plenty of good reasons why you want to breed your dog but before you make a decision, you should think of the pros and cons of breeding your dog.

Pros – You’ll have a lot of adorable puppies.

What is cuter than seeing a bunch of puppies playing and tumbling over each other? We all love watching puppies and it can be really rewarding to take care of them and watch them grow older. You will likely get plenty of snuggles and lots of love – and who can argue with that?

Con – you can’t control the traits the puppies will get

Remember that dogs are just like people and just because you have a great dog or a great pair of dogs, doesn’t mean that you will get a dog exactly like their parents. Each puppy will have his or her individual traits and personality that won’t necessarily be exactly like their parents. Two well-trained, well-behaved dogs can breed dogs that are rambunctious and get into trouble. If you have high expectations about how easy it will be to train the puppies, you might be disappointed.

Pro- You will make someone extremely happy

When your puppy gets its new home, you’re making someone extremely happy. A dog can often fill the gaps that are missing in a person’s life. Whether that is companionship, love, or exercise, a dog can help make someone’s life have meaning and fulfillment. In addition, a dog offers unconditional love and bringing that into a family is usually a smart move.

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Con – Cost of breeding

Responsible breeds do it for love, not money. Breeding dogs cost money – in the best-case scenario the breeder breaks even. It can be several hundred or even thousands of dollars to have your dog bred to a purebred. If you own the female dog, she may require additional trips to the vet or even help with birthing or feeding the puppies. These vet bills can range between the cost of a check-up to several thousands of dollars depending on the size of the dog and if there were any difficulties during the process.

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the common pros and cons of breeding your beloved Fido. If you believe breeding is the right path for you, learn as much about the process as you can before starting. Hopefully, this article has helped you make the right decision. However, before you dive in, we strongly urge you to consider adoption as there are thousands of dogs in desperate need of finding a forever home. There are many different organizations that can help you find a dog that is the right fit for you. Please look into adoption before thinking about breeding.

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