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Spending Canada Day with your Dog

Spending Canada Day with your Dog

Spending Canada Day with your dog.

Spending Canada Day with your Dog

With Canada Day right around the corner, Canadians alike are getting ready to celebrate the country’s birthday. And what makes it even more awesome is that it takes place in the middle of summer! This means there are tons of things for people to do, especially outdoors.

But, what if you’re spending Canada Day with your dog? Good news! There are ways you can celebrate that are dog friendly. If you’re stuck on what those possibilities might be, we’re here to help!

Go on a dog friendly patio crawl

Obviously the first thing on our list is to suggest checking out some dog friendly patios! Fingers crossed the weather is good in your neighbourhood on Canada Day because this is an activity you’re sure to enjoy! Visiting patios with your dog gets easier the more you do it, as long as you have a dog that can handle coming along. If you’ve got a few locations in mind, always call ahead to ensure they can accommodate your furry friend.

Sometimes places can be busier than usual on Canada Day and staff might change their policies as a result or recommend coming on a day that isn’t so packed.

Host a dog friendly BBQ in your backyard

If you have a dog that does better at home, you can bring the Canada Day celebrations to your backyard! Consider decorating your house and dressing up in Canada-themed clothing (yes that includes your dog), invite some friends over and enjoy a meal and some drinks in the comfort of your home.

This option guarantees your dog will remain calm because they’re in a familiar place, giving you a better opportunity to enjoy yourself. If your friends also have dogs, invite them as well! This gives your dog the opportunity to play with other dogs while you also get to enjoy time with your friends.

It’s a win-win! If you want to treat your dog to something special, consider making them something dog friendly on the barbecue like unseasoned steak or chicken.

Check out an outdoor event

Many cities and towns will host a variety of outdoor activities and events in celebration of Canada Day. Lots of these events are free of charge and anybody can visit, including dogs! Find a local outdoor market to check out during the day, stop by a venue to listen to some live outdoor music, watch a Canada Day parade or grab a snack at a food truck and walk around.

Doing this will also tire out your pooch and give them plenty of exercise. Just make sure you pack a bag with a portable water dish, water, food, poop bags and a leash. As already mentioned, call ahead to event venues to ensure your dog is welcome. If there are dog-friendly events happening, you’re sure to see other pet parents while spending Canada Day with your dog.

Stop by some dog friendly parks

There are tons of off leash dog parks you can take your dog to on Canada Day or places that permit dogs on leashes. This might be a great option to kick off the start of your day. Not only to give your dog exercise but to tire them out so they are relaxed for whatever you have planned later in the day.

Depending on where you live, you could also stop by a beach with your dog and do some swimming. Consider bringing a ball and playing fetch in an open space. It’s a great way to spend some healthy one-on-one time with your pooch.

Stay at a dog friendly hotel

Canada Day is a statutory holiday which means many people get to enjoy a long weekend away from work. So, if you’re spending the weekend with your dog, consider going on a road trip or vacation. Tons of hotels have pet policies that accomodate dog owners which makes road tripping so much easier to do!

If you’re not sure where to go, consider some hot tourism destinations like Banff, the Okanagan, Victoria, Quebec City, Montreal, Tofino, Nova Scotia or Moraine Lake. If you’re considering flying somewhere, check with various airlines about their pet policies as many of them have a weight/size limit.

Dress up and do a photoshoot

This idea is so fun and you don’t have to be super creative to pull it off! You can also achieve an awesome Canada Day themed photoshoot without a professional camera or set up. To start, take your smartphone or camera if you have one and set it up on a tripod or any surface that works. Next, you will want to identify a spot in your home or backyard where you will want to do the photoshoot.

Think of natural lighting and how you want your photos to look. Now you will need to get supplies. Ahead of Canada Day, many retailers and dollar stores stock up on decorations and wearable items like flags, hats, photo props, washable tattoos, crafts, streamers and more. You also won’t have any trouble finding some Canada Day outfits for your dog!

Grab some items for you both to wear and some stuff to create the backdrop and you should be set! Dogs are typically not the most photogenic but that’s what makes it fun! Doing this will create memories that last a lifetime and will sure make this Canada Day one to remember.

Support your dog friendly retail shops

This includes clothing stores, beauty stores, home stores and sporting goods stores. Take your dog along on a Canada Day shopping spree to support your local dog friendly stores!

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Many places will be open for business especially in trendy areas and downtown cores and you might even find some Canada Day themed stuff for your home or something to wear if you plan on going out to an event later in the day.

Hike a provincial trail

Similar to going to the dog park, if you want to do something active with your dog on Canada Day, consider hiking a provincial trail. Keep your dog leashed and be courteous of other trail hikers. What better way to celebrate the country’s birthday than getting out and appreciating what it has to offer!

Make Canada Day themed treats

If you want to really treat your dog this Canada Day, make them some homemade treats! You can find various recipes online but my favourite site to scour for ideas is Pinterest.

This includes Canada Day Dog Smoothies, Bosco and Roxy’s Canada Day Dog Cookies, Maple Leaf Shaped Dog Biscuits, Doggy Donuts, Red Watermelon and Yogurt Frozen Treats and so much more! If you have your own treat recipes, try shaping them with a Maple Leaf cookie cutter.

Cozy up inside before the fireworks

We all know dogs hate fireworks and when Canada Day rolls around, many of us dog owners dread it because of this.

For our last suggestion, we recommend being indoors and at home long before the fireworks start in your area. Always exercise your dog during the day so they are tired by the time fireworks start. In addition to this, there are a few things you can do to minimize your dog’s reactions when the fireworks start going off.

Grab some cozy blankets and set up their bed or crate (wherever they usually go when scared). Provide them with some treats and toys and turn on the television as all of these things will act as distractions. Close your curtains and be sure to have your dog’s collar with identification tags on them in case they escape your home if they become scared.

Lastly, just be there in case your dog reacts badly to the fireworks and provide them with reassurance and a safe space. Spending Canada Day with your dog can be a ton of fun!

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