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Dog grooming ideas for Valentines Day

Dog grooming ideas for Valentines Day

dog grooming ideas for Valentines Day

Dog Grooming Ideas for Valentines Day

What better way to show your dog some love than celebrating them on Valentines Day. Treat your dog to something different this year by focusing on beauty and glamour. From mohawks to bling, your dog will look fabulous for this special day with these dog grooming ideas for Valentines Day.

Heart-Shaped Pup Cut

Using a pair of pet grooming scissors, cut out small hearts along the bottom line of the dog’s coat. This is an easy way to give your pooch that Valentine’s Day look without too much effort or time spent on it.

After you’ve cut out the hearts, use a “furminator” brush to help make the shape more prominent. This subtle look is perfect for a romantic night or a walk outside with your furry date.

Cinnamon Bun

Using small amounts of hair gel, brush the dog’s hair into a point. Gather the top section of hair together, then wrap it around into a bun shape. Secure with a bobby pin or barrette, then thread pink ribbon through the bun’s base to hide pins and create ties for braids. Spray with a light coating of hairspray and allow the dog to shake out their new hairdo.

Your dog will look awesome, albeit appetizing! It’s a perfect look when you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day either at home or by taking your dog with you on a walk.

Bubble Gum

Like the cinnamon bun look, simply gather all of the hair together on top of the head and wrap it up into a low ponytail, securing it with bobby pins or barrettes. Leave the tied end loose for that romantic bubble gum look. Put some bling at neck level for added colour and glamour.

Your pooch will be the most stylish canine in the neighbourhood with this sweet look. But this one’s better off indoors because the wind or rain could undo all your work.

Blingin’ Out

Your dog will need a professional groomer if they aren’t used to having their hair done. If you’re already taking them to get groomed, ask if they can shave in some bling for an extra special look. This look is one of the more difficult ones to achieve, but it’s also perfect for any occasion.

Suppose you’re looking to go the DIY route, purchase bling hair accessories from a pet store. Slide them over your dog’s nails for extra pizzazz. Be sure not to put any around their eyes or ears because they’re sensitive areas better off left alone. Your dog will shine brighter than a disco ball with this look. It’s perfect for a night on the town or a romantic dinner with you and your partner or spouse.

Unicorn-Haired Pup

If your dog is black, you’re in luck because this look requires no effort whatsoever. Brush the hair out with a wire slicker brush to get that perfect flowing ‘do. While brushing it out, use your hands to comb the hair into a flowing style. Ask your groomer for special order to get the perfect mane, or do it yourself at home with a hairdryer.

When you’re done, use that same wire brush to fluff up their hair and give them an even more stylish look. Or if you bought one of those hair dryers for dogs, then attach the nozzle and give them a quick blast. Your pooch will look like an awesome unicorn with this simple but effective grooming style. Your dog should wear this when you’re enjoying time in the park.

Super Sleek

For those who prefer their canine companions to be tangle-free, this is the look for you. Simply use a slicker brush to eliminate any knots and tangles from the fur. Use a bristle brush to get rid of any leftover hairs before moving on to the bath.

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Using a high-quality shampoo, conditioner and pomade, bath your dog as you normally would. Be sure to gently pat your puppy down with a towel before you begin brushing. After the fur is completely dry, use a slicker brush once more to get rid of any final hairs. Your pup will be looking awesome and clean with this look that’s perfect for relaxing on Valentine’s Day. Keep up on their grooming with this look to ensure that their hair stays shiny and sleek.

Punk Rocker

If you have a pup with curly hair, wet it down and mold sections of the curls together in your hands to achieve the perfect pompadour style. Then, mould them into spikes or twists and secure them in place with hairpins or barrettes. You can also use a hairdryer to shape the hair into place before finishing it off with hairspray.

Your canine companion will make an impression in this punk rocker style that’s perfect to wear when you’re heading out for drinks on Valentine’s Day night, but be careful because they might make some new friends who will want to take them home with them.

Don’t Forget to Pamper

Pamper your pooch with a special Valentine’s Day bath. Use a dog shampoo and conditioner to make their fur super soft and the perfect canvas for all of these fabulous looks. Next, use a waterless shampoo to clean up any extra oil or dirt left behind, and your dog is ready to go. A hot oil treatment can also be used to give that extra shine and silkiness. You can even use a quick spray or cream rinse if you don’t have time for a bath.

Dogs will love you forever if you give them this treatment before taking them out on the town on Valentine’s Day. If you choose professional grooming, ask for this treatment to be included with their service. Your pup will be the top dog on the walk around town if they’re wearing one of these amazing styles. Have fun dressing and grooming your canine companion up in any of these great looks, and remember to snap some shots for everyone on this day of love. We hope you enjoyed this list of top dog grooming ideas for Valentines Day.

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