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Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Your Dog

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Your Dog

celebrate New Years Eve with your dog

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with your dog

It’s the most anticipated night of the year. There’s so much pressure to get all dressed up and go out partying to ring in the New Year. Where to go, what to wear, who to spend it with… there’s a lot to think about. But we know for a lot of dog owners, there’s no one they’d rather ring in the New Year with than their four-legged besties. And we think it’s a great idea! So if you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your dog, we’ve got you covered!

Forget the stress and bring in 2024 how you actually want to – relaxing with your precious pup by your side. Check out our suggestions for how to celebrate NYE with your dog as your date and make it one to remember!

#1 Have A Movie Marathon

Grab a blanket, cuddle up on the couch with your pup and queue up your favourite movies on Netflix for the perfect chilled out NYE.

The great thing about doing this with your dog is that you don’t have to argue about what to watch. Your pup will just be happy to be curled up beside you while you get to watch whatever you want with absolutely no complaints!

#2 Host a Dog Pawty

Party planning without any of the stress! Invite some of your closest friends and their dogs around for food and drinks and have a great night as you watch the dogs play without each other happily for hours! And you can get some very cute photos of your pups wearing party hats – it’s the perfect start to 2024!

#3 Whip up some Dog-Friendly Treats

If you want a quiet night in with just you and your dog – great choice by the way – why not have a dog treat baking party for the two of you? There are hundreds of recipes online for dog-friendly treats they can enjoy – so while you have your nibbles and drinks, they don’t have to miss out!

#4 Make a New Year’s resolution list for your dog

This list can include all of the things you want to do together in the New Year, like going on that hike you’ve always wanted to do, getting professional pet photos, booking a dog-friendly vacation – the list goes on!

It’s a cute way to start making plans for 2024 and you’ve promised your pup, so you can’t go back on your resolutions this year!

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#5 Get into bed, snuggle up and kiss your pup at midnight!

At the end of any day, there is nothing better than getting cosy in bed and cuddling your dog.  So, we literally can’t think of a better way to start the New Year than doing exactly that!

And the big New Year’s kiss?  Give it to someone you know will love you unconditionally for the rest of their lives – your precious pup! They deserve it after all!

We hope you have a great New Year’s Eve however you spend it and we wish you a very Happy New Year from the whole team at Animal Food Bank Pet Club.

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