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Working from home dog breeds

Working from home dog breeds

Working from home dog breeds.

Working from home dog breeds

Thinking about getting a dog? These 9 low-maintenance breeds are the best working from home dog breeds.

Since COVID-19, many people have started working from home or at least have hybrid positions that allow them to work from home sometimes. Dog adoptions skyrocketed at the beginning of the pandemic when working from home became so popular.

With more time at home to welcome and train a new furry family member, right now seems like perfect time to give a dog in need a home. But it’s also a huge responsibility and it’s important that before adopting a dog, you ensure that they can fit into your lifestyle long term and thrive.

Some breeds are more suited to a work from home routine than others, and by using breed information from Dog Time and American Kennel Club, we’ve compiled a list of breeds that are perfect choices for those who work from home.

So, if you’re apart of the workforce that has continued to work from home post COVID, here are eight breeds that you should definitely consider.


Charming, mischievous and very loving, this breed is sure to brighten up any work day.

These low maintenance cuties are unlikely to get in your way while you work due to their small size, and their infrequent barking is a big plus during those Zoom meetings.

Infrequent shedding also means you can keep your home office tidy, and this affectionate breed get very attached to their owners so will be delighted to have you at home all day – especially if you can spare a few cuddles.

Size: 14-18lb

Mood: Laid-back and Charming


Their compact size and simple grooming requirements make this breed a great choice for busy owners. They adore quality time on their owner’s lap or snuggling close by their side as these tiny dogs are very affectionate. They can get demanding if they are overindulged, so be sure to set boundaries.

Following their humans around is usually enough exercise for this breed and short, slow walks will keep them happy and healthy.

Size: 3-6lb

Mood: Alert and Devoted

Golden Retriever

One of the most popular breeds in Canada, these kind and even-tempered dogs make amazing family dogs, and thrive in most households. They get along well with other dogs too, so you won’t have to deal with any brawls during you work day!

Happy, loyal, affectionate and active, these dogs do need lots of exercise to stay healthy and happy, and regular brushing to keep their coat tangle-free.

Training is essential but luckily, it’s not difficult, as Retrievers love to learn and are not only intelligent, but also very eager to please.

Size: 55-77lb

Mood: Kind and Trustworthy


Whippets are low energy dogs when indoors, which can make them great apartment pets, but do require lots of exercise to burn off their high energy.

With enough exercise, these adaptable and gentle dogs are often very content simply spending time with their owners.

Whippets suit people working from home as they don’t enjoy being left alone for long hours of the day and can develop separation anxiety. It’s important to spend time with them, giving them the freedom to follow you from room to room, lay at your feet, or snuggle on the couch with you.

Size: 25-40lb

Mood: Gentle and Quiet


This African breed is probably best known for their quiet temperament and lack of bark, instead expressing themselves with a specific sound (often described as more of a yodel.) These independent and intelligent dogs love showing their owners’ affection but do not need permanent attention, so should do well with an owner who is busy working at home.

However, this breed can get destructive if it is not exercised enough, so ensure you are able to commit to exercise and playtime if you want a happy and content Basenji.

Size: 16-24lb

Mood: Affectionate and Independent


Born and bred companions, this all-white breed is low-shedding and although they are full of energy, occasional exercise and daily walks will keep them happy. Affectionate and playful, they are known to suffer from separation anxiety, so are actually best suited to those who spend more time at home. Their docile temperament means they won’t bark at every little noise, so you can probably get away with having them curled up on your knee during you Zoom calls.

Size: 4-6lb

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Mood: Alert and Active


Despite having lots of energy, this breed can be very calm when properly exercised. A greyhound is a great choice for someone with a flexible WFH schedule that can break up the day for walks.

Once given a solid walk, this breed will stay calm and quiet and won’t disturb you while you work.

Although even-tempered, this breed can be sensitive and prefers being with their human than being alone.

Size: 60-70lb

Mood: Even-tempered and Affectionate


All three varieties of Poodle (Standard, Miniature and Toy) are excellent for first-time dog owners and are known to be extremely easily trained due to their high intelligence.

Fast learners, eager to please and naturally a quiet breed, despite the regular grooming needed, these loving pups are non-shedding so are great for anyone with allergies.

Highly adaptable and people-loving, this breed does well in a wide variety of households, including those with children, and as they need a lot of daily companionship, they are a great choice for those working from home.

Size: 11-70lb

Mood: Active and Intelligent


For our last working from home dog breeds, we are featuring the dachshund. Friendly, curious and spunky, these tiny dogs make great apartment pups as their short little legs mean that two walks every day of moderate length should be sufficient. Dachshunds love to be with their humans and have an average tolerance for being left alone, which is great for busy workers.

As they are generally a quiet breed, this will please any next door neighbours, as well as your colleagues during those long meetings!

Size: 16-32lb

Mood: Lively and Playful

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