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Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays

Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays

Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner which is an exciting time of year for everyone in your family, including your pets! And while your focus might be on getting your Christmas tree up, holiday treats made and checking off your shopping list, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to the holidays and keeping your pets safe. It can be a very busy time of year which leaves room for error so keeping pet safety top of mind is crucial. We’ve put together a simple list of precautions and guidelines to ensure you and your pets are only spending time relaxing this holiday season. Enjoy!

Winter weather

If you’re a dog owner, you are already aware that dogs still need their exercise during the colder months. This means that you’re going to be taking them for walks during the holidays! If temperatures are below freezing, being outdoors could be detrimental to your dog’s health. If your dog is small in size, a senior and/or has health conditions, the cold weather could easily become dangerous very quickly. To keep your pets safe outside this holiday season, consider investing in some protective gear such as coats and booties. You’ll also want to ensure your walking routes are free of sand and salt which are commonly used on roadways and sidewalks in the winter to eliminate ice.


When putting up decorations in your home, always consider if they pose a threat to your beloved pets. Depending on your pet’s curiosity, it might be a good idea to keep all your decorations out of reach or securely fastened in case your pet tries to play with them. Especially if you’re the owner of a new puppy!

  • Do not decorate your home with tinsel or angel hair because these decorations are extremely harmful when ingested.
  • Always opt for fire-free candles instead of real ones because curious pets could knock them over and start a fire.
  • Potpourri is toxic if ingested so do not use it in your Christmas decorations.
  • Did you know that some snow globes have antifreeze in them? If knocked over and broken, your pet may ingest this toxic substance.
  • Candy canes contain harmful ingredients for pets.
  • Always inspect your Christmas lights before putting them up because a broken bulb is a serious hazard. The chords may also be tempting to your pet so keep them out of reach.

Christmas tree

When putting up your Christmas tree, consider the risks for both fake and real trees.

  • If you’ve decided to put up a real tree, be prepared to clean up tons of pine needles throughout the holiday season. If not cleaned up regularly, they can pose a threat to you and your pets because they are quite sharp! You don’t want your pet stepping on them or eating them.
  • In addition to this, never use tree foods when watering your tree before checking to make sure the ingredients are pet-friendly.
  • Try to keep the base of the tree closed off so your pet doesn’t think it’s another water bowl. The water in your tree’s reservoir is not to be ingested as it can contain harmful elements.
    Whether your tree is real or fake, ensure it is securely fastened.
  • Never use glass ornaments when decorating your Christmas tree. If you do wish to use glass ornaments, consider hanging them higher up on your tree and out of sight from your curious pets.
  • Try not to use edible decorations on your tree as they could attract your pets.
  • When hanging ornaments, secure them with string or twist ties so your pets don’t knock them off.

Poisonous plants

A lot of household plants can be toxic for animals, including that beautiful poinsettia your mother in law just dropped off on Christmas Eve. While festive plants play a massive role in decorating, they can be deadly for your animals. Here are the plants to avoid:

  • Poinsettia
  • Holly
  • Mistletoe
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Amaryllis
  • Lilies
  • Daffodils
  • Christmas Rose
  • Ornamental Pepper
  • Juniper
  • Evergreens

Opening gifts

When your family is opening their Christmas gifts, it can be easy to forget the hazards posed to your pets.

If you have small children, make sure they don’t leave any small toy pieces on the floor. If forgotten, your pet could ingest them and choke.
When putting batteries into your children’s toys, keep them out of reach from your pets.
Clean up tissue paper and wrapping paper immediately after opening presents so your pets don’t eat it.
Try to keep your pets busy with a toy or treat while opening your gifts or place them into a separate room for a short period of time.

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Holiday treats

Food is a massive part of the holidays! But some of your favourite holiday treats are extremely deadly for animals. This includes but is not limited to chocolate, alcohol, garlic and nuts which are all frequently used during the holidays. When it comes to Christmas dinner, it’s also important to keep scraps away from your pets. Cooked turkey bones are a massive hazard because they splinter much easier than raw ones (don’t give either cooked or raw bones to your dog). Before having visitors over for dinner, make sure everyone knows not to feed your pets. Keeping them satisfied with their own treats is the safest way to enjoy dinner.

Having visitors

Lastly, we’d like to remind pet owners that the holidays can be stressful not only for us, but for our animals as well.

If you’re having visitors, consider this could be a stressor for your pets. Have a designated safe space set up for them with a bed and toys in case they need a break from the craziness.
Make sure your visitors know the rules. This includes not feeding your pets or allowing small children to overwhelm them. Pets can act aggressively when frightened so keeping small children away from them is a good idea.
If people are entering and exiting your house frequently, it heightens the chance of your pet escaping. Consider using a gate or keeping your pets far away from the front door.
Always keep their identification and collars on your pets in case they do escape.

We hope you and your pets have an amazing holiday season! If you have any other tips we didn’t mention, email

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