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Doing yoga with your dog

Doing yoga with your dog

Doing yoga with your dog.

Doing yoga with your dog

Have you tried doing yoga with your dog? Find out why your pup makes the perfect workout buddy.

If you’ve ever tried to do an exercise routine at your own home, you’ll know that your dog can be an obstacle for a variety of reasons.

They may be extremely cute, but they can get in the way, cause distractions and create other disturbances that keep you from getting through your routine.

One way to avoid these issues is getting your dog involved in the exercise! Practising yoga with your dog, also referred to as Doga, is a great way to do this and turns out, they make the perfect workout buddy!

Yes, dogs are actually the perfect companions for this type of practice. They are pack oriented animals and usually like to stay close to their owners, so they will be happy to be included in whatever way works for both of you.

Still on the fence? Here are just a few of the benefits that you can experience doing yoga with your dog.

1. Bonding with your dog and developing trust

Practising yoga with your dog can allow some time to focus on the way that you interact and communicate with your furry bff.

The quiet exercise helps to strengthen the bond that you share and build a closer connection with your pup. This experience can help build your dog’s trust in you and help improve the overall dog-to-owner relationship.

2. Relaxation/Stress Reduction

You will notice how much your pup is a “sponge” to the mood and energy of a room. Once you have brought down your own breathing and focussed on your mind and body, you will notice that your dog will become more relaxed with you.

This can be very helpful for those more excitable, hyperactive dogs who have trouble calming down.

3. Physical Health Benefits

Apart from the psychological and communication benefits that you and your dog can receive, there are obvious physical benefits of doing yoga with your dog as well.

Getting your doggy to move and stretch with you in a slow and intentional way can help with circulation, heart health and joint and muscle issues for both of you.

4. Entertainment

Some people can find Yoga to be too slow or not mentally stimulating enough. Throwing a dog in the mix is definitely a way to keep you engaged in the practice and having fun while doing so. Trying to provide your own furry friend with some guidance can keep you focussed on staying present in the current moment and make the overall activity more enjoyable.

Yoga Poses To Try With You Pup

Downward dog


Chair Pose

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Forward Bend

Heart to Heart Mudra

Inner Dog Mudra

Puppy Paw Mudra



Not familiar with these poses? Not to worry! Check out this helpful blog post that breaks down each position in images that will help any beginners to the practice of yoga.

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