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The most stubborn dog breeds and how to train them

The most stubborn dog breeds and how to train them

The most stubborn dog breeds and how to train them.

The most stubborn dog breeds and how to train them

Whether you’re an experienced dog owner looking to add another pooch to your family or you’re on the hunt for your first ever dog, it’s important to know that some breeds are harder to train than others. Here at the AFB Pet Club, we want to educate our readers on all things pets! In this blog, we are going to provide you with a list of the most stubborn dog breeds and how to train them. Not because we don’t want you to adopt one of these dogs but because we want you to know it may take a little longer to get them to where they need to be.


Our first breed to make the list of top stubborn dogs is the Dalmatian. While these uniquely spotted pooches are gorgeous and have gained popularity through Disney’s 101 Dalmatians movie, they are actually known to be very aggressive. Dalmatians require lots of exercise as well as mental stimulation. If not given enough time to burn off energy, they can be destructive and temperamental. As an extremely independent breed, the Dalmatian needs an owner who is an assertive and confident trainer. To be successful, you must focus on consistency to remind them that they are not the ones in charge as well as regular socializing to ensure they are friendly towards strangers.

English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are another beautiful breed that have the potential for being sweethearts in your home. Their stubborn temperaments make them more difficult to train and they do require lots of positive enforcements such as treats and voice commands. This breed also suffers from various health conditions that makes training even more difficult. These conditions usually target their joints and breathing so it is imperative that you don’t overexert them when training. Exposure to other pets and children at a young age will also ensure your English Bulldog does well around others and will keep their stubbornness to a minimum.

Bull Terriers

Bull Terriers belong to the Bully family and they are an extremely stubborn breed. It can be difficult for both inexperienced and experienced dog owners to train Bull Terriers because they require someone who is extremely calm and patient. They typically have very strong personalities, require constant guidance and need someone who isn’t too crazy or too calm with their commands. Bull Terriers enjoy fun and positive reinforcements, but they also need structured discipline.

Siberian Huskies

One of the most well-known stubborn breeds is the Siberian Husky. They are extremely vocal if their needs are not met. This can lead to temperament issues and lots of barking. Huskies require tons of exercise among many other things to ensure they are trained properly and first-time dog owners should be aware that huskies are great at escaping. Staying on top of regular physical exercise and providing your Husky with mindful tasks will help them become well-trained.

Chinese Shar Peis

The Chinese Shar Pei is known for its unique wrinkly facial features and blue tongue, but they are also known as extremely independent dogs – which often translates into stubbornness. Shar-Peis were historically trained to hunt and herd, which is why they are independent thinkers. Training them at a young age is essential. As they grow, they will play tricks on their owners. Positive reinforcements but a strong-willed approach to training is best when it comes to Shar-Peis.

Shiba Inus

The Shiba Inu is another stubborn dog because they highly pride themselves in being independent, which means they see themselves as superior. They are prone to being aggressive towards people and other pets which is also something to be aware of. Shiba Inus are not a good dog for first time owners because they can be very difficult to train. If it’s not their way, it’s the highway. Training them at an early age will ensure the best results and they need someone who is stern but respectful towards them. Once you earn their loyalty, they can make a great pet.


Akitas are another stubborn breed known for their complex attitudes. Many Akita owners have utilized professional dog training to help get their pooches get to where they need to be. The Akita breed is notorious for walking away when their owners are trying to train them, so they require someone who is very patient. Once you reach a level of obedience with your Akita, they can be an amazing, loyal and well-rounded pet.

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Historically, Rottweilers were bred for one main reason: protection. Because of this, they are known to be stubborn and willful – even sometimes aggressive and dominant. Firm and consistent training techniques are a must when it comes to Rottweilers and since they are so full of energy, training them through agility sports isn’t a bad idea. Rottweilers need owners who are strong leaders that aren’t afraid to be firm and fair. Setting boundaries and laying out consequences is essential when training your Rottweiler to ensure they know you’re in charge.

Afghan Hounds

The Afghan hound is a very high maintenance pooch that is also very stubborn. Although highly intelligent, these dogs are strongly independent thinkers which can make training difficult. They do not respond well to harsh training – making them a better candidate for gentle guidance.
Socializing them at an early age will make them less independent and easier to train. You must be patient when training an Afghan hound because they are prone to being temperamental and require tons of firm discipline.

Basset Hounds

For our last stubborn dog breed, we would like to highlight the basset hound. While a very friendly and easygoing breed, these dogs are not easily trainable. For a basset hound, you must be willing to get a little creative when training them. These dogs love to bark and dig, thanks to their historical hunting instincts so it’s important to set aside lots of time with them. Luckily, basset hounds love to please their owners. Once properly trained, they are lovely pets to be around.

To Conclude

To conclude our blog about the most stubborn dog breeds and how to train them, we want our readers to know that all of these breeds can make amazing pets. These animals can be loving companions if properly trained so don’t shy away from them just because they might need a little extra training. Each breed is different so be sure to do your research and talk to other pet owners, veterinarians, and professionals to help you with your search.

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