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Help Rescue Dogs With The Wishbone Project

Help Rescue Dogs With The Wishbone Project

Rescue Dogs With The Wishbone Project

Whenever you buy a Wishbone from, they will match the order by donating $10 worth of treats to a local dog rescue of your choice. The Wishbone Project is one company’s way of giving back to dogs and to local rescues.

The Wishbone pack is the ultimate add-on to almost any order. The treats change depending on availability and usually the value tends to be more than the $10, ensuring that both you and your dog go away happy. sells healthy, affordable dog treats such as jerky, chews and, of course, bully sticks. The company works with producers and manufacturers ensuring the ingredients are 100% natural and of the highest quality. also offers a subscription service
with free shipping over $50, you can choose the frequency you wish to receive the treats, anywhere between once a week and 3 months.

The company was founded by Andrew de Jong

when he immigrated from Australia and fell in love with Canada, ultimately ending up in Toronto. The moment he became a permanent resident, he got a Husky named Momo whom he’s kept by his side for the last two-and-a-half years.

Andrew has always been passionate about helping dogs in need

which drove him to adopt his second dog, Indie, a mixed breed from Egypt who only has three legs. Andrew never got the full story on Indy – how she lost her leg or the type of life she led before, but adopting her only made him want to do more for the pet community.

“There’s a lot of dogs who need homes and unfortunately a lot of them don’t get that. So with families that actually go through the effort to adopt a rescue dog, we want to do something for them as well because it’s not a cheap process,” Andrew said. “Dogs are expensive and so we started The Wishbone Project to alleviate the cost involved.” has been running the program for almost a year

and the feedback has been tremendous. So far they have sold a lucky 777 Wishbones, meaning rescue organizations across Canada have gotten $7,770 worth of treats. The company hopes to expand their operations well into next year, making more connections with additional charities. The treats are extremely easy to order online and you can quickly find a charity of your choice using their online locator tool HERE.

Growing up in the seafood industry, Andrew started out by selling a lot of seafood products – such as dehydrated sardines, salmon, and fish jerky for dogs. Also, being from Australia, the company also sources some of their products, mainly kangaroo, from the land down under, while the Yak Chews are made in the Himalayas in Nepal. Due to growing operations, now gets some products from Turkey and South America – countries that are well-known to manufacture high-quality bully sticks globally. While has grown, the pursuit for the same high-quality food is still there. All the manufacturing facilities uses are CFIA and FDA approved.

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Andrew knew there was a huge opportunity online to sell directly to consumers and so started online.

Andrew’s timing, as it turned out, was fortuitous because soon after COVID hit. A lot of traditional retailers struggled but people were adopting dogs at rates never before seen and shopping more online. Andrew feels extremely fortunate that he was able to serve dog owners through those difficult times. He was also happy that while there were many challenges, a lot of shelters and pounds were empty because so many people were adopting – which, according to Andrew, is how it should be all the time.

“It’s hard seeing so many dogs needing rescue. It’s one of those things where you want to be in a position in life where we don’t need these rescues,” Andrew said. is a preferred partner at AFB Pet Club so next time you’re looking to treat your dog, try and add on a Wishbone to help support your local dog rescue. Not only will you know that you are brightening the lives of dogs across Canada but your own dog will get a healthy snack that’s made with 100% natural ingredients. Visit for more information.

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