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Why Every Canadian Pet Owner Needs an Emergency Plan

Why Every Canadian Pet Owner Needs an Emergency Plan

Why Every Canadian Pet Owner Needs an Emergency Preparedness Plan

You may be surprised to know that in Canada, the policy regarding the provision of emergency aid during disasters doesn’t prioritize pets. This oversight can leave countless animals at risk during wildfires, floods, and other calamities. As a nation of pet lovers, it’s crucial to understand the gaps in our system and take proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our furry family members. This can mean the difference between life and death.

The Overlooked Members of Our Families

During emergencies, you may only have moments to pack and leave your home only to find that when you arrive at an evacuation center they lack the necessary food and supplies for pets. This is because governmental funding and resources primarily focus on, and prioritizes, human needs, leaving pets out of the equation.

In such scenarios, if there isn’t a dedicated organization like the Animal Food Bank stepping in to provide for these animals, they are likely to face dire situations. Imagine being forced from your home and finding that your beloved pet can’t receive the care it desperately needs. This gap in emergency preparedness can lead to preventable suffering and distress for both pets and their owners – things we have witnessed first-hand.

The Role of Non-Government Organizations

Organizations like the Animal Food Bank play a vital role in filling this void. By providing emergency pet supplies, they ensure that pets are not forgotten in times of crisis. However, the responsibility shouldn’t rest solely on these organizations. As pet owners, it is essential to prepare personal emergency packs for our pets or support these vital non-profits to maintain their readiness to respond.
The Urgency of Preparedness
The need for preparedness is not merely advisable; it is critical. Disasters can strike without warning, and the moments you spend scrambling for pet food, medication, or other essentials can exacerbate an already chaotic situation. By preparing an emergency pack for your pet, you ensure that, in the rush to evacuate, your pet’s needs are not overlooked.

What Should Be in a Pet Emergency Pack?

A comprehensive pet emergency pack should include:

Food: A week’s supply of food (rotated regularly)
Water: A couple of water bottles (rotated regularly)
Can opener
Medications and Medical Records: Stored in a waterproof container.
First Aid Kit: Tailored for pets, including items like bandages and antiseptic.
Identification: Collar with ID tags, a leash, and a copy of registration and recent photos in case you get separated.
Litter box & litter (for cats)
Comfort Items: Favorite toys or blankets to reduce stress.
Supporting the Animal Food Bank’s Emergency Fund

Since 2021, our organization has been at the forefront of providing mass-scale relief to pets affected by emergencies across Canada. Drawing on our extensive experience supporting evacuees’ pets during crises, we have carefully curated our pet evacuation packs to meet the specific needs identified through real-world application. These packs are designed based on the insights gained from our direct relief efforts, ensuring they contain the most essential items that pet owners often find themselves needing in the first critical hours of an evacuation.

This practical experience has not only refined the contents of our packs but also underscored the vital importance of having these resources ready at a moment’s notice. By purchasing one of these specially curated packs, pet owners gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are prepared with a kit that is both practical and tested in the field.

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The importance of preparation has led to innovative fundraising efforts. For instance, the sale of emergency pet packs not only equips pet owners but also supports broader initiatives. Each pack sold contributes $20 to a pet emergency fund, directly funding the distribution of emergency supplies to more pet owners. This not only spreads awareness but also bolsters community preparedness.

By purchasing an emergency pack through our fundraiser, you’re not just preparing your pet—you’re contributing to a fund that could save many lives. Each pack distributed is a step towards a community where no pet is left behind in a crisis.

Last Thoughts

In Canada, while human emergency needs are prioritized, our pets rely on us to consider theirs. The lack of governmental support for pets in emergencies is a gap we can fill together. Preparing an emergency pack isn’t just about responding to a potential future need—it’s an immediate action that strengthens the entire community’s resilience. Support the initiative, prepare for your pet, and help ensure that when disaster strikes, our beloved animals are not the forgotten victims.
Support the Animal Food Bank’s fundraiser today. With an AFB Pet Evac Pack, you will be prepared, no matter the type of emergency you face.

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