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Pet influencers in Canada – AFB Pet Club favorites

Pet influencers in Canada – AFB Pet Club favorites

Pet influencers in Canada – AFB Pet Club favorites

Social media can be a depressing place to hang out. My Facebook feed is filled with a lot of posts from rescues and other animal organizations, charities and pet food banks that, well, are not the most uplifting. When I’ve feeling down, or I know I need to smile, I love nothing more than spending time with my dog. Pets give us unconditional love, and of course the benefits of having one go far beyond that.

The University of Leeds researchers have discovered that that watching videos and images of cute animals can help reduce stress levels by up to 50%. Easy right?

Here are our top picks for Canadian Instagram pet accounts to follow today.


Bodhi The Adventure Cat

Bodhi is a beautiful Maine Coon who’s account is full of beautiful pictures of him exploring Canada. Raised with the attitude of “the more you do, the more you can do”, he is a brave kitty who challenges the status quo. With interests ranging from hiking, kayaking, biking, swimming paddle boarding, and even – dare we say it? – skiing, you will never be not glad checking out what the feline is up to!

Bacon The Fashion Schnauzer

Bacon is a 5 year old miniature schnauzer. He is a fashion model, designer and content creator. When he’s not modeling he goes on adventures in the city and is quite the little goof. His images are full of bright colors and adorableness that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Bacon and his mom also care a lot about feeding people and animals and frequently fill our own community fridges for both!

Kat + Easton + Mikita

A golden retriever named Easton (described as a very goofy and silly pup – think vanilla with sprinkles) and a german shepard named Makita make up the doggie due in this fabulous Instagram account based in Ontario. The account is a collection of beautiful photos of the dogs and a baby traveling and exploring life together.

Gary The Cat

Gary, a “Professional cat” according to TikTok, is an adventuring feline in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. His siblings Carl, Doug, Duke and Marge, tag along while he explores nature and just looks adorable. James, his owner and social media manager, hails from Edmonton, Alberta has images of Gary skiing, hiking and paddling just to name a few.

Juniper & Tadpole

Juniper (June for short) is a Miniature Australian (American) Shepard , and Tadpole is a duck tolling retriever. Both high energy gals from British Columbia, these adorable pups are included in their mom’s life and live a good one – showcased by the collection of gorgeous photos on their account. Their mom is a vet assistant so lives her passion for animals even in her working life.

Whisky and Bourbon

Another dynamic duo to follow, Whisky (and 8 year old Vizsla), and her sister Bourbon (2 years old), live in Squamish, British Columbia. These beautiful pups, along with their mom Adele, take adventure seriously going on long distance multi-day hiking, trail runs, and off leash walks.

Cricket, Facts and Fiction

Residing in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia! Cricket is a grumpy little shiba, raised in Alaska. He’s well-traveled and has enjoyed visiting places such as San Francisco, Chicago, and Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. Facts is a goofy siberian husky. He’s super snuggly and absolutely loves being told how handsome he is! Fiction, a siberian husky from the SPCA, is the wrecking ball of the family. She’s high energy and destructive when bored, but brings so much joy! All three dogs love hiking and training and compete in various sports.


Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Reinhardt is a Siberian cat who, along with his cat brother Percy, loves to be outdoors climbing trees, traveling walkways and bridges, and chasing after bugs. A full-time travel cat Reinhardt’s account shows all of the fun he’s having, and also challenges misconceptions about what cats can and can’t do. Follow along and enjoy his adventures!

Judy, Mocha & Miso

Mocha (9) and Miso (2) are two toller gals hailing from Toronto, Ontario, with their mom Judy. They love to dock dive, do agility, camp and just be active and adventurous – evident by their beautiful photos (and also take time to relax and reflect in their hammock).

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Farley, Victoria & Todd

What can we say about Just Being Farley..except that it’s AWESOME. Farley came to her mom and dad, Victoria and Todd, during Covid. The account is a collection of eye-catching and heart-warming photos and videos featuring high quality dog-centered content. With a arge focus on building community through forming connections with other pet lovers, Just Being Farley aims to inspire people to get out and adventure with their dogs, and share happy positive content that makes people smile.


Brodie is a super unique German Sheppard from a rescue in Alberta. Brodie is a 3 year old partially blind rescue pup who looks a bit like a picasso masterpiece! Hailing from Red Deer, Alberta, he and his brother get into shenanigans and fun, evident by the photos and videos on his Instagram account. Show these pups some love and give them a follow.

AFB Pet Club

Now, now, we know we aren’t a dog or cat influencer, but we are a non-profit working really hard to make sure pets of the homeless and low-income families can stay with their hoomans, by providing pet food and supplies and support and love.
Our AFB Pet Club is the official blog of our Animal Food Bank and we would love for you go give us a follow, and sign up for our newsletter! (litterally right below this post)

Readers and followers attract advertisers. Advertisers generate revenue. Revenue feeds pets in need. You get the picture.

Updated: Feb 26, 2023
Originally Published Nov 2, 2022

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