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Memories of a lifetime with your dog

Memories of a lifetime with your dog

Making memories of a lifetime with your dog.

Memories of a lifetime with your dog

The day-to-day life with your dog can sometimes get boring. It’s important to make memories of a lifetime with your dog because before you know it, they will become old. We know it’s easy to fall into a routine, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to make long lasting memories.

1. Professional photoshoot with your pooch

Getting a professional to shoot some photos of you and your dog is a perfect way to make a lifelong memory. You probably have millions of photos of your pooch already on your phone and that’s great! But having the opportunity to be in high quality photos with your dog instead of being behind the scenes means your special bond will be captured on camera. These beautiful moments will continue your pet’s legacy even after they’re gone and will serve as a lifelong keepsake.

2. Create artwork with your dog

If you’re a little creative and you like to get your hands dirty, try making some art with your pet – the possibilities with this are endless! A great idea is to make unique art pieces with your dog’s paw print, using non-toxic washable paint. If your dog is a puppy, you can make a new art piece every year to see how much your dog has grown through their paw prints. This activity is a great opportunity to spend valuable one-on-one time with your dog and in turn, you’ll have some amazing art to keep.

3. Combine footage of your dog to make a memorable video

This idea might sound difficult to those who are a little less experienced with video editing, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a TikTok star for this to succeed! Snap some videos of you and your dog doing some of your favourite activities and download a free video editor. There are plenty of free apps to choose from or you can use one of the many free templates on Instagram. This is a great way to make memories of a lifetime with your dog.

4. Book a pet friendly road trip

If you’ve never travelled with your dog before, it might seem daunting while also exciting! Try going somewhere that isn’t too long of a distance to ensure your dog has a positive experience for their first time. Once you and your dog are comfortable with travel, you can start planning longer road trips! Many places have dog friendly parks you can explore together as well as dog friendly activities and places to eat. There are tons of hotel and rental accommodations that are pet friendly but always make a plan and create a checklist to make sure you and your pooch are fully prepared to hit the road.

5. Invest regularly in new dog tags and start a collection

This is another great way to get creative while also making heart melting memories with your dog. Dog tags are like the canine version of a person’s identification card. Aside from providing vital information in case your dog gets separated from you, their dog tag can speak a lot to their unique and fun personality. Custom made dog tags can use colours and artwork to make them one of a kind. By investing in a new tag occasionally, you can accumulate enough to make a special collection that you can put on display in your home.

6. Dress them up responsibly on Halloween

Nobody likes seeing people force a dog to wear things when they’re uncomfortable and just imagine how the dog itself feels. Instead, when Halloween rolls around you can find simple alternatives to costumes that will still make your dog look adorable! If you have a dog harness that you use regularly, you can use it to create a costume! Your dog will already be used to wearing it so it won’t feel like a foreign object. Another responsible option is purchasing a Halloween-themed collar! There are many different ways to dress up your dog responsibly without putting them in distress.

7. Celebrate their birthdays and/or adoption days

Your dog’s birthday is a special day for you and your pet, even if they don’t fully understand it. Dog owners often have the same levels of love for their furry friends as they do for their human loved ones. Think about it, your dog spends most of its life by your side celebrating you on a day-to-day basis. You feed them, provide them with a safe environment and all the cuddles! You can thank them for their constant unconditional love for you by making their birthday a day to remember. The same goes for adoption days, especially if you got your dog from an animal shelter. This day is just as significant as their birthday because if you didn’t come along and take them home that day, their future could have looked very different. Celebrate these special days by doing activities your dog and you will enjoy and maybe throw in a treat or two!

8. Visit a nursing home together

This is a very heart-warming idea for you and your dog! Given that your dog is trained properly and does well with strangers, visiting a nursing home is a one in a lifetime opportunity for you and your pet. Animals are therapeutic beings and seniors can often feel isolated and lonely so many nursing homes allow people to bring their dogs into their facilities. Your dog is sure to brighten the their day while being a great conversation starter for you and the residents.

9. Make a social media account for them

In this day and age, billions of people use social media as a way to connect with others and express themselves. If you’re a regular scroller on Instagram or Tik Tok, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of pet accounts. Making an account for your dog is a great way to share memories of your dog but it’s also a way for you to connect with other pet owners in your area.

10. Try out dog yoga

If you’ve ever done yoga, you know the countless benefits it has for your body, mind and soul. Recently, dog yoga has gained popularity, often referred to as ‘Doga.’ This is a great bonding activity that also reaps physical benefits for you and your dog. This entails gently helping your dog perform some easy yoga poses and when it’s your turn, they get to explore the area while meeting other pooches and people. Overall, it is a great experience for dog owners to come together, exercise and socialize!

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11. Photos and visit with Santa

This idea is not for every dog but if your dog is trained and does well in busy environments with lots of strangers, photos with Santa could be a great way to make a heart-warming memory together. Keep in mind your dog is not capable of posing for the perfect pic, but embrace the silliness of it all and just have some fun! As mentioned before, getting special photos of your pet is a great way to remember them.

12. Visit dog-friendly restaurants

In recent years dog friendly patios have grown to include some restaurants, cafes and even bars/pubs. Dog friendly venues can provide unique and memorable experiences for your dog and for you! It’s a great opportunity for your dog to spend quality time by your side and you might even get to know other dog owners at the same time.

13. Participate in a dog show or festival

If you’re looking for something to do long term, training your dog to be a part of a humane dog show could be a great idea. Depending on where you live, some places will host ‘confirmations’ which are classes to prepare your pooch and to give you the knowledge necessary to succeed and enjoy a dog show together. Your dog will have the opportunity to learn extensive training and even compete for a win. This is only a good idea for dogs who do well with other people and around other dogs. If you’re unsure, try joining a basic dog training class first, and see how things go.

14. Try paddle boarding with your pooch

Paddle boarding has gained extreme popularity, especially for people who live near bodies of water. You don’t need to live near crashing waves of the Ocean to enjoy paddle boarding as it is way easier to do than surfing. If you’re comfortable paddle boarding on your own, your dog could also really enjoy the activity! Be sure your dog is trained to swim and you can even invest in a life jacket for them.

15. Challenge yourself and your dog physically

Another long term achievement to do with your dog is to run a marathon. Given your dog is physically capable of safely completing a marathon, you have trained them and you’ve consulted your veterinarian, running a marathon together is something you will never forget. Aside from the great exercise you and your dog will encounter during training and during the marathon, it is a heart-warming experience that you will get to share.

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