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Best Dogs with Small Children

Best Dogs with Small Children

Best dogs with small children.

Best Dogs with Small Children

Do you know what makes children and dogs a perfect match? Their boundless energy, playful personalities, and love of life. All that’s missing is a wagging tail. Here are the 10 Best Dogs with Small Children.

We’ve all seen this scene before, where a small child is playing with an oversized dog, and it’s just the cutest thing ever. But not every dog is a good fit for a home with small children. Some breeds are simply too high energy, while others have a history of aggression.

So, what are the best dogs for families with small children? Keep up because we’re about to reveal our top ten.

The best dogs for small kids are those that are gentle, patient, and good-natured. They must be tolerant enough of inconveniences like loud noises and sudden movements and be comfortable around other people and animals.

Most importantly, the ideal children’s dog is the one with an even temperament and doesn’t easily get agitated. We think these breeds fit the bill:

1 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Child-friendly Attributes: sweet, gentle, and affectionate

This breed craves companionship, which is why they make for an excellent family dog. They are also very gentle and have an even temperament, making them great around kids. They may come from a working breed of Spaniel, but their size (between 12-13 inches at the shoulder), makes them an excellent fit for smaller homes and apartments. They’re safe around children because they’re not prone to nipping or biting.

2 – Beagle

Child-friendly Attributes: tolerant, patient, good-natured

The beagle is a small hound breed known for being gentle and tolerant of a child’s energy and antics. They’re good-natured and have lots of patience, giving you confidence when they’re playing with your small children.

Beagles are also relatively small, so no worries about accidentally knocking your kids over. They’re also not known for being particularly yappy, so you won’t have to deal incessant barking. Although they’re excellent hunting companions, they also make for a great family pet.

3 – Shih Tzu

Child-friendly Attributes: charming, gentle, calm

The Shih Tzu is a small, compact breed famous for being calm and gentle. They make excellent lap dogs and love nothing more than cuddling.

They’re also patient and gentle, so parents aren’t worried about their small children playing with them all day. Most Shih Tzus are quiet, so expect some peace at home (provided the kids are asleep).

4 – French Bulldog

Child-friendly Attributes: adaptable, loving, playful

Frenchies are quite adaptable breeds. They’re overly affectionate of their human companions and often like wrestling with small children. Unlike many of its bulldog cousins, the French Bulldog is relatively calm and quiet.

They make for an excellent family companion that will follow you around the house all day long. Just be careful not to over-exercise them in hot weather as they can get heat strokes easily.

5 – Bichon Frise

Child-friendly Attributes: peppy, playful, gentle

The Bichon Frise is a small, white powder puff of a dog. Nothing is cuter than looking at these tiny four-legged creatures playing fetch with your kids.

They may appear slow and lazy but have a surprisingly peppy personality. They’re gentle and loving, two characteristics that make them ideal playmates for small children.

6 – Papillon

Child-friendly Attributes: lively, playful, intelligent

The Papillon is a small spaniel breed famous for being lively and playful. Like kids, Papillons prefer to constantly move around and be in on the action, so expect them to be underfoot. They’re also quite intelligent, so they easily get bored if left alone for too long. It’s why they love having someone to play with, making them an excellent choice for families with small children.

7 – Pug

Child-friendly Attributes: lazy, good temper, cuddly

Pugs are small, cuddly dogs that make for excellent lap dogs. They’re also one of the laziest breeds, which is why they love nothing more than hanging out at home with their family. Despite their lazy reputation, pugs are known to be very good-tempered, so there isn’t much to worry about them being a danger to your family, especially the kids.

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Pugs are known for their short snouts, which may cause some respiratory issues. So, if you live in a hot climate, keep your pug cool and well-hydrated.

8 – Dachshund

Child-friendly Attributes: friendly, calm, playful

Dachshunds are small, long-bodied hounds that were originally bred to hunt badgers. They make for excellent family pets because they’re very sociable. In other words, they prefer to be around people and other dogs most of the time.

Dachshunds are the perfect children’s dog because they’re the perfect balance between calm and playful.

9 – Poodle

Child-friendly Attributes: intelligent, obedient, sociable

Poodles come in three different sizes (toy, miniature, and standard), but they all have the same child-friendly personalities. They’re very proud dogs that love to show off their intelligence. Poodles are also quite active, so they need a family that can keep up with their energy. And because they’re so obedient, they make for excellent training partners (for you and your kids).

10 – Boxer

Child-friendly Attributes: patient, protective, loving

The last entry may surprise you, but did you know Boxers make up for a great kids’ dog? That’s because they’re naturally protective of their family and have infinite patience. They also tend to be very gentle with small children, making them the perfect playmate.

Just be careful not to leave your kids unsupervised with a Boxer, as they can get a little too excited and accidentally cause injuries because of their size.

The best thing about the prospect of adopting a dog for your small children is you get many options to choose from. You can go with a small and cuddly breed like a Poodle or a Bichon Frise or go for a medium-sized breed like a Boxer or a Dachshund.

You can’t go wrong with any of the ten breeds listed above. Be sure to ask about your kids’ preferences before deciding! Now you have here 10 best dogs with small children to chose from!

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